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Default Re: Fire Bola vs Thunder Bow

Originally Posted by vfb View Post
Jade Armor is fine for zero-encumbrance thugs that won't be doing tons of self-buffing, like Bane Lords or Poison Golems or GORed Gargoyles. A Black Servant could be good too if you pumped his MR to avoid banishment.

I don't like to give Jade Armor to mounted commanders because their HP is so low ... it doesn't take much to get whacked, and then you've got a good chance of those gems just falling down the drain.

Has anyone ever tried GORing a Troll Moose Knight?

With 0Enc commanders, you only get the benefit of no fatigue. The Encumbrance value is still subtracted from their AP pool, so you still get the terrible synergy there.

I seem to remember I did a GoR on a Moose Rider once upon a time. It was just a screw around game though, and I don't think I even geared him out, I was just exploring GoR, seeing what kind of results I could get. I'm pretty sure he was worth the gems though, and would make a fine hanger for a suit of Jade Armor. :P
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