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Default Re: Merkava invincible?

Originally Posted by shahadi View Post
Originally Posted by Roman View Post
Because Merkava tanks are invincible? I tested Iran against Israel and nothing can against the young Merkava, maybe some Kornet borrowed from the Russians can make some scratch.
I am not too sure about that - Merkava invincibility. Against the Iranians they may or should dispatch their tanks easily, although the Iranians got upgraded T-72s and some T-80's packages (some domestically made and others Russian).

So, I say it is the crews that count, or make a difference. And, with crews it is experience that is salient.

No tank in the world has more battle experience than the Abrams. Her crews are first rate - top notch battle tested and trained from the dense forests of Louisiana to the Mohave Desert.

In a test with the Merkava, remember Israeli tank crews have not fought a armor vs armor battle since 1973. In the past 40 years or so, her tank crews including the Merkava were used as self-propelled artillery in battles against essentially light infantry opponents.

In a test of the Merkava, to assess her battle worthiness, put her up against Abrams, and Leopards, but significantly reducing her experience level in MobHack on account of her lack of battle experience.

Another factor to consider, is that Americans and NATO train to fight heavy armor formations with armor, while Israel does not have any opponents with armor. Secondly, Israel has adopted a policy using overwhelming firepower of her air force to decimate Iranian armor formations - or anyone else - before those formations could come close to Israel proper.

Israel's power is in her air force. Unless, her air force is checked, her tank crews won't even have to button up.

And, finally what is somewhat difficult to simulate in our game is the role of the Merkava, in that she is designed to protect the crew, provide armor in a defensive mode, and in counterinsurgency and urban operations. Put her intended role up against a tank designed to fight fast moving armor on armor battles and the contest may not be optimistic for the Merkava side.

Oh, hey Roman what is up with your signature? Everyone knows who won the 2014 World Cup and it was not Argentina. And, Germany may have had a better chance to win it again in 2018 if only they had treated Mesut Ozil as the talented midfielder he is.

Some of the things you mention are a bit off to say the least. I am not in the mood to go into detail but...dude!
That's it, keep dancing on the minefield!
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