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Default Re: New set of scenarios

wulfir said:

By all means, feel free to include any senario(s) you like. Let me know if there's somehting that needs fixing.

I can of course send the maps too, if they would be of any interest.

The scenarios will get a much wider audience in the patch

This would be better discussed off list but I will need them renumbered starting at 118. I also need you to add the slot number to the front of each title so your first one that is in Slot 150 now needs to be set up in slot 118 and read

118 The Cornered Rat 9/05

This puts all the scenarios in the same format

Your slot numbers for your scenarios would be 118- 142 and yes, the maps would be great as well. Slot 214 will be your first slot number for any maps you send

Send me an email off list. I will need this by the end of the week at the very latest. If this is a problem let me know. I would do most of this myself but this week my time is very limited

You may want to fix the text in the last scenario and change Bulgaria to East Germany

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