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Default Re: Warhammer "Chaos Undivided" race

Apparently we are no longer permitted to modify posts made more than 30 minutes ago. How on earth a modder is supposed to maintain a changelog now is beyond me.

Version 0.52
"Chaos steed hoof and bite" damage reduced to 18 from 20. Enchanted Spear carried by Lords of Slaanesh is now a custom weapon that is one handed instead of two handed as is the normal enchanted spear. It has also been toned down somewhat doing slightly less damage and having both less attack and defense bonus, it is after all a one handed spear. This should have the effect of reducing further the ability of Lords of Slaanesh to solo independents (even though Lords are 400 point units, none of them should be able to 'solo' independents). Slaanesh warriors and chosen defense dropped by one, attack increased by one. Champion and Lords of Slaanesh defense dropped by one. Nurgle units being undead are now all encumbrance 0. Nurgle flail damage increased by one. Lord of Khorne HP dropped to 30, equal to Lord of Nurgle, fear effect also dropped to remove bonus. This should keep them from being able to solo independents. Nurgle and Khorne greater demons now have equal health. Lord of the End Times immortality removed and new path cost increased to 80, natural magic paths now: blood, water, astral and death magic, not fire.


Rdonj, sorry, I was away from Dominions for a good while. Unfortunately my interest in modding any particular game lasts only for the time I am actually 'playing' the game, and I did not see this post until yesterday. Fortunately for this mod anyway, I come back to Dominions fairly consistantly for several years now.

I have made changes to the mod based on your feedback. I have not addressed the lack of 'specialness' for the warriors of Tzeentch. The problem is I'm not sure what to do with them to make them more Tzeentch like and special, but still keep them essentially human warriors.

I also have not changed the chaos chariot attack skill of the whip and halberd as I am not sure what is going on there. The chaos chariot has an attack value of 14. Does it suffer a negative 10 on regular attacks because it is a trample unit? If so aught I simply boost the attack value of the chariot itself or would that affect the trample attack as well? I suppose I could equip the chariots with custom whips and halbards and boost the attack values of the custom weapons. I'm not sure.

Sum1lost, your idea is a very good one, but I am not sure how to give a 'chance' at being a heretic to the cultists and I don't want to make 'all' the Chaos priest heretics as that would doom Chaos. Even if I knew how to give a chance at having heretic, I would be concerned about the consequence of the starting cultist being a heretic as that would be a damaging blow right at the start. I suppose I could make the starting cultist a unique unit (identical to regular cultists in every way except for having no chance of heresy) but that still leave me stuck at not knowing how to do it.
Chaos Undivided Race Mod
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