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Default Re: Warhammer "Chaos Undivided" race

Hey, glad to see you come back. I'm certainly happy with the changes you made, I almost would have gone farther with the flails but they're much better off now than before. The change to the undead was really big, nurgle warriors are much more useful now. Lords of khorne really did need to lose that fear aura, even though that's going to hurt them a lot. They were just a little too much though being powerful out of the box thugs.

The problem the chariots have is that they're not ambidextrous. They need a fairly hefty bonus to offest the weapon length penalty from the whip and halberd. The trample attack I'm pretty sure doesn't care about your attack skill, the size of the trampling unit. So that should be unaffected by any change you make.

I don't honestly know what to do with the warriors of Tzeentch either. They do have increased magic resistance so there is at least some difference. Maybe the chosen could have luck cursing weapons....

I am 99% positive it's impossible to have randomly heretical units. The only way I can think of that you could manage it is with the crossbreeding spell. Obviously that won't work for a recruitable commander.
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