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Default Re: OOB 066 Sweden [WIP]

Formation changed


017...................... Arm. Inf Pl 63

Plt organisation:

124 Arm Inf Section
124 Arm Inf Section
709 Arm Inf Section (New unit)
53 Pbv 301
53 Pbv 301
53 Pbv 301

Change: The new units 709 Arm Inf Section, 710 Arm Inf Section, 711 Arm Inf Section and 712 Arm Inf Section are all class 72 Light Mech Infantry. Identical in all stats (cost, radio code etc) to the existing 124, 125, 126 and 124 Arm Inf Sections except the weapons - the new units do not have any LMG. The Arm Inf platoon had 3 Grg but only two LMGs. Usually it was the first section that lacked the LMG as it carried mine clearance gear - but I made it the last section in the OOB - to avoid the Plt HQ being spotted by human players.

(During the cold war the Swedish army suffred from a lack of adequat number of modern small arms.)
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