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Default Re: Babylon 5 Mod

SJ: guess I'll have to check and see by switching to them. All I know at the moment, that &^%$# rock/moon is sucking 2-3 infantry a turn...Guess my plan to simply invade and take over is out the window....

Update: SJ: Naw, they aren't building anything. The Grome have 2 infantry left and those &^%$#@ are slowly eating up "veteran" medium infantry...only 32 left of 50 now...
32 guys isn't that much.

It may be that the 50 guys had just barely enough firepower to take down one Grome unit (militia or infantry?) After taking a few casualties on both sides, your troopers lost enough guys & thus firepower that you can't kill any more Grome units.

It sounds like your troopers are suffering from snipers or hit and run actions, and have fallen back to defensive positions to await reinforcements

If you were to drop another force similar in strength to your original attack force, you should be able to finish them off. Be sure to send the reinforcements before your current force is wiped out.
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