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Fallout Re: Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

It's been reported those Russian planes especially the Su-35 which is Russia's most advanced fighter are in Syria for one main reason, the F-22. They are going and been trying to get the F-22 exposed as much as possible for ELINT electronics signals(Intelligence derived from electromagnetic radiations from foreign sources (other than radioactive sources)) and SIGINT signals intelligence (intelligence information gathered from communications intelligence or electronics intelligence or telemetry intelligence). This data to whatever extent they can collect it (If at all.) would be more than valuable in accessing the capabilities of their systems to include beyond aircraft, also ground tracking and FCS radars.

We are smart enough to know this and the F-22 fortunately doesn't need to be in the same airspace as the Russians, and they are hemmed in on the borders of Syria to some extent.

Saw a lot of this when we were in the MED during the summer of '87. They'd light up their radars and we'd do the same and I'm sure someone on both sides would be listening. While everyone played "chicken".

The Su-35S is and will be the backbone (Along with earlier mods.) of the Russian Air Force for many years to come. The Ministry of Defense has ordered more of those jets then it currently plans on for the PAK-FA/Su-57 which has lost some of it's "luster" and fallen out of the 5th GEN status due to cost savings to the program and other issues. India it's co-developer wasn't very happy about this citing I believe 17 or 20 changes that needed to be made to keep it in that status. Russia also self reported this themselves a couple of months back I believe. Anyway I posted that in here at the time I'm pretty sure. This fighter can at this moment be considered a 4th GEN +++ along with GRIPEN NG, and latest versions of the EUROFIGHTER and RAFALE. All those fighters are "Super Cruise" capable, more on that below. We know what's above them and everything else will trickle down from there starting with 4th GEN ++.

Game wise it probably will not be viable for the game. And there's plenty to support that.

This is their top fighter and is out there in numbers presently. Besides all the electronics onboard, this plane also has "thrust vectoring" which is a HUGE advantage in a fight and leaving one. Still trying to fully clarify (Looks like it does.) if it also processes "Super Cruise" (This is one of many factors that a true 5th GEN fighter MUST possess.) which basically means "after burner" speeds for a sustained period of time w/o the "burner" part, in other a much lower IR signature. Many outside of Russia, feel this fighter is probably overall, better than the F-35. Which is why we've been spending 100's of million dollars to upgrade the F-22 over the last several years.

Well I'm going to relax the rest of this evening before as I intimated I start my "Balls-To-The-Walls" week.

Have a good week everyone!!

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