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Default Re: Campaign Scenario Setup Help - France

Can't believe we made it to 1945... felt almost real time

January 6th 1945

After clearing the Mulhouse Gap, we went into divisional reserve for reinforcement and refit near Strasbourg. Last month the Germans launched a significant offensive in the American sector in Belgium: It seems they are now coming for Strasbourg. The Americans want us to give up this city, but we will defend this piece of French soil to the death!

The German 198. Infanterie-Division is attacking out of the Colmar Pocket towards Strasbourg in the north, with the 106th Panzer Brigade in support. They have smashed through our lines and pushed one of our regiments back into Obenheim with heavy losses. You can expect assault rifle armed infantry, Panzergrenadiers in apc, as well as Panther tanks and self propelled guns. The Germans have some limited air support as well. Our heavy arty is not yet online.

- Deploy your troops near Krafft
- Move south (west on the map)and try to reach your beleaguered force in Obenheim
- If you find that reaching your allies is impossible or too risky, establish a defensive line near Gerstheim and stop the German advance there
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