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Default Re: Request for auto backup of turn files

I do these backups in a very simple fashion: by running a script on Dom2 start (and on hosting too - for SP).

Here's the script: save_script.awk

timestamp_file = "Last-total-save-timestamp.txt";
t = systime();
stamp = strftime("%Y%m%d-%H%M%S",t);
stamp2 = strftime("%Y-%m-%d",t);
saveAll = 1;
if ((getline Last_stamp < timestamp_file) > 0)
if (stamp2 == Last_stamp)
saveAll = 0;

if (saveAll)
cmd = sprintf("zip -r save-all-%s * -i@save.lst",stamp);
print stamp2 > timestamp_file;
cmd = sprintf("zip -r -t %s save-%s * -i@save.lst",Last_stamp,stamp);

You'd need to insert
gawk -f save_script.awk into your Dom2 startup

And you'll need save.lst:


That's the only Dom2-specific file.
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