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Default Question on infantry SAMs

Hey all; So play testing one of the WW2 to MBT conversions I did and have noticed that the blowpipe...blows? Just kidding; in 3 play tests my opponent and I have noted that the BP very rarely fires, and if it does it is normally when the jet is near the edge of the map while flying away. So I set up a test in 1979, UK vs Russia, wide open flat map 100x50. I purchased 4 blowpipes, 2 regular and 2 with vision 15, plus 4x non-radar bofor and then set out 8 tanks as targets.

The jets were set to come in from all different directions and I did this over many turns, plotting new each turn, yet no matter how far or close they were I noted that the SAMs rarely fired, maybe 1 in 8 jets, while the tanks fired at ranges as far away as 800m, and the regular bofors from as far away as 1450m. The SAMs were set up 14 hexes behind the tanks, their minimum range being 10. I then moved the SAMs to the side and below the tanks so they had side shots, again about 15 hexes away and still they just watched the air show while the AAA did most of the work.

So now to my question: is there a trigger event for SAMs? The jets had EW2, will this stop the SAMs from firing? I then purchased some Redeyes and they fired maybe 1 in 6, better, but still.

I have the scenario file is anyone wants to try it, but to me it seems the minimum range 10 isn't working (200:10)as they don't launch until very far away.

I then switched out the blowpipes for M42 dusters and against 4 jets they fired 5 times and that was with the AI moving them during the turn in the conversion scenario (not the SAM test).

Anyway, any information on how these work is appreciated. I checked the manual, did not see anything on this except for the part saying that them not engaging incoming aircraft had been fixed, was this fixed for the newest patch?
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