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Default Re: Mistletoe - an LA game for busy people (recruiting)

Ermor and R'lyeh! Well they will certainly change the game if they are in. Which is both good and bad.

As long as those two realise that the game will be those two against the rest (then when they kill the rest of us off fighting between themselves ) and the rest of us realise we can't fight each other until those two are dead then the game will work.

But I have played in two mp games with LA Ermor (and LA R'lyeh is worse!) recently. In both I was next door to them. In one I hesitated to attack when I met them in about turn 5. They attacked me by about turn 10 and it was a slow but relentless death after that even with financial and sometimes military help from others. In another I took over a power early on who was next to LA Ermor. But some of Ermors other neighbours wanted to fight amongst themselves for a few turns before turning on Ermor. Big mistake as Ermor grows much more quickly than anyone else. I was eliminated and not too long after even a grand alliance of everyone else threw in the towel.

So a LA game with Ermor and R'lyeh should play out very differently than an ordinary game. Otherwise it is just too easy for those two assuming roughly equal player skill. I don't mind playing against them as long as everyone knows the score. If players treat these two as normal powers at least in the early to mid game then it won't be much fun or challenge for anyone.
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