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Fallout Re: Problems with the current Russian OOB (#11).

This is everything I've been tracking for Russian SPAA/AA equipment in some cases for almost 2 years now.

Pantsir-S2... Issues improved radar and detection augmented by a new missile allowing extended range and altitude.

ZSU-23-4 & Tungunska replacement?... Issues they're just old and outdated.

The next is specifically for the dedicated Arctic Defense Force (ADF) they already had the SPAA version mounting the Pantsir-S1 modified system the news here is they are also equipping the ADF with the new longer range TOR-M2 system
with both mounted on the Vityaz DT-30-series all-terrain tracked carriers (ATTCs) optimized for Arctic operations.

Buk-M3... Issues pretty much the same as the above improved radar and new missile, however, the main difference here is that this is considered a completely new system vice an improved one. That's the big news here. I believe I might've posted this already in the SPA/SPAA Thread at least the second ref.

Finally because it's time for lunch and getting ready for "my Monday" the TOR-M2U improved version of the well, TOR-M2... Issues this comes under much improved from the first ref. "The SAM system is capable of acquiring over 40 targets simultaneously, prioritize them and engage four of them at the same time." in the SAM world that's pretty darn good.

Strela replacement and SPAA for Russian Airborne troops, the Sosna-10... Issues simply "out with the old, in with the new".

That pretty much covers most of it. As a reminder equipment status always noted on the equipment info refs or as otherwise noted in the preceding article.

Since this came up, I'll be moving this into the SPA/SPAA Thread early Tue. morning after work for my tracking.

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