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Default Re: Danish TO & E

I shall see what I can do.

A brief summary from memory of 1. LOPESK as described in Lars Ulslev Johansen's "De Danske Tigre", Lars commanded 1. LOPESK at Musa Qala, 2006.

Commander in Eagle I
Second in Command in Eagle I
Forward Air Observer(s) in GD

1st Platoon in 7 Eagle 1
2nd Platoon in GD (I think GD27)
3rd Platoon in Eagle 1

Each pltaoon had a Piranha ambulance as well I believe and the staff segment included a logistical and maintenance section as well as a doctor. I will have to search for their vehicles and exact composition. I also have to check how many men each vehicle held and whether they had any infantry squads integrated. I believe they did/do.

Today the Eagle Is would be Eagle IVs and the GD27s would be GD270 CDI or28s, both are better armed and armoured.

Edited to add that 1. LOPESK is slightly reinforced compared to the other LOPESKs, I have to check their TO & E as well.
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