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Default Re: Can't find a game? How to organise one on the Llamaserver

I don't know where else to post these, so I'll post here. As I have created games with the llamaserver I've noticed some buggy behaviour with mods. I'll tell of these bugs and their workarounds in this post.

Nation mod bug:

Sometimes llamaserver will not accept a pretender for a mod nation, complaining that it is for the "wrong age". This happened with dwarves in the game "Dramatica". The reason was that the dwarf mod was using somehow "wrong" nation number, when I changed the dwarf nation number to match "Arga Dis" (llamaserver MA nation mod), the llamaserver accepted the pretender.

Workaround: Change the nationnumbers of the problematic nations to match Arga Dis, Nehekhara or other llamaserver mod nations set to that era.

Single age mod nations bug;

This bug just ate 4 most frustating hours of my life as I set up the "Legendary Ordeals" game. The current version of the "Single Age" mod that llamaserver uses sets all mod nation slots to era 0, basically disabling them. Why? Beats me. And no, you can't upload and use a fixed version of the single-age mod, you must use the one that llamaserver provides. This means that single age games won't accept pretenders for mod nations, complaining that they are for the "Wrong Age".

Workaround: Change the mod so that the mod nations overwrite vanilla nation numbers instead of using the numbers over 75 normally reserved for mod nations.
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