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Default Re: What difficulty level do most of you play on?

I'm pretty sure that Joe doesn't make the decisions when it comes to the marketing of the game. That's up to the Shrapnel Grand Poo-Bahs. Personally, I have to fall back on what other gaming companies do. Aliens Vs. Predator added several multi-player maps and an in-game save function, all in a free game patch. Black Forge is producing another expansion to Icewind Dale and is going to make it free to people who already have the game.
I guess the entire debate will be if any enhancements Joe makes are large enough to be a "New" game or just an expansion. He could include all the things we asked for, and more maps, and call it AC4.0. If so, then he could sell it as a new product.
If shrapnel goes that route, I would hope that they would offer it at a reduced price for former customers. Personally, I still think the original price I paid for this was a little high, so that route would actually kind of tick me off, and I don't think I would pay more than $10 for it.
If he just makes the changes/additions we asked for, then I think that would be more of a patch situation. Look how many things they changed on Space Empires IV...over a thousand, it looks like (from AI, to bugs, to additions) and yet they put it out as a patch. I would appreciate Shrapnel a LOT more if they did that for AC3, and would be more likely to buy more of their products in the future. Just my 2 cents.
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