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Default Re: SEV AI Modding questions

There is no AI design guide at this time.

The only two files you'll be compiling will be the RaniRani_Main_Script.txt and the RaniRani_Setup_Script.txt files. Since you've made custom files for the research and colony type files, you'll need to edit the name of files called in the "Includes" section in the RaniRani_Main_Script.txt file in place of the Scipt_AI_Research.txt, Script_AI_ColonyType.txt files etc.

You can block out no research treaties in the AI_Script_GlobalSettings.txt file in the "AI_Set_Political_Treaty_Elements" function by commenting out the lines pertaining to no research treaties. This will stop the AI from adding them as a condition when they generate treaties. If you decide to rename this file, be sure to add it in the includes section of your main script as I mentioned above.

When you made your changes then you'll need to load the RaniRani_Main_Script.txt file in the script parser and hit "compile". This will generate the .csf file. You'll need to do the same for the RaniRani_Setup.txt file.

Alternatively, you can make a file with two lines:


Give that file a name and in the Script parser hit "Make All Files" and load that file. It will automatically compile both files for you at once, rather than loading them and compiling each one separately.

Let me know if that helps at all.
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