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Default Re: Help on controlling the AI please

Right now I am a happy bunny a couple of things first 2 I am pretty sure are a no but i might have missed something.

1) Is there anyway to just delete the last waypoint not the whole string

2) Can you force vehicles to unload would be usefull if they actually dropped off passengers in cover rather than waiting till in a fire fight.
Dropping off ATGMs MANPADS at a sensible distance would be handy to going for a play.

3) Any otherway of doing this
Mech infantry platoon want APCs to follow behind troops giving covering fire only way I have found to do is buy troops & APCs seperate so buy a rifle platoon & then swap them to mech infantry. I can then plot waypoints so APCs advance at 2-3 hexes staying behind troops.
If use a normal mech platoon the first thing they do is pick everybody up because of course troops head for waypoints to

A good point for anyone intreasted if do this with IFVs with ATGMs & a giro they can still fire there ATGMs albeit with diminished accuracy I think.
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