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Default Re: Who's Left?

I haven't really played SE since I moved to Linux a few years ago. I still have access to a Windows PC at work, and get an hour's gaming time on it per day, but I've been playing other things on it- mostly old-school, rereleased-on-budget stuff (Age of Empires, Wesnoth, SimCity 3K), so SE4 will probably cycle back around sooner or later. I still have it installed. I also have the beginnings of a new SE4 shipset somewhere that I keep threatening to finish.

Gametime at home (don't get much of that now that I'm a Daddy) is mostly taken up with Oolite, a massively moddable rewrite of Elite.
I sincerely hope I don't have to explain to anybody what Elite is.

I miss the old days, the Cantina, the malfadorica, all the old faces...
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