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Default Re: winSPMBT in Windows8

Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
Windows 8 has apparently ditched the "aero" look, and that was what interfered with the 256 colour palette. If that truly is the case then it is an actual improvement.

Now if they reinstate the registry switch that removed the Metro front end (was available in the pre-release beta versions, deleted in the release one - duh!) then it may become a useful desktop operating system. Perhaps it will be back in SP1 in 6-9 months?. (The metro blocks thing and its "gestures" and "charms" may make sense on a touch screen tablet, but have no place whatsoever on a normal desktop machine where the screen is out of arms reach and not touch-sensitive in any case).

The Aero look in Windows 7 I never used - looks rather silly to have semi-transparent windows. I simply set up the "classic" windows theme and forgot about it. Saves wasting CPU power as well.

Yeah Metro looks pretty awful. It says alot that there are already third party programs appering that bring back a start menu and other win7 features to win8.
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