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Default Running spMBT/spWW2 in OSX using WINE

I already posted this on spWW2 forum but thought about putting it here also:

I've been able to make both paid versions of spWW2 and spMBT to run very smoothly and no crashes with an iMAC running OSX Mavericks installing and using through WINE.

There was no need to do any special Winetricks but it was very important to use the engine version WS8Wine1.4 and not any other. Trying to use any older Wine engine and there were problems with the graphics getting all messy or the game not running at all. Trying any newer Wine engine than 1.4 caused the game to run very slowly, all the actions having a terrible delay.

In Wine's 'Set Screen Options' I just use Automatic settings. From smWW2/spMBT launchers I use 'Fullscreen', 'DirectX' and screen size 'Desktop'.
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