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Default Re: Formations in the OBAT which are usable by AI?

Originally Posted by Crueldwarf View Post
Originally Posted by DRG View Post
Originally Posted by zovs66 View Post
For both games (WW2 & MBT) the pick list hints are in:

:\Shrapnel Games\The Camo Workshop\WinSPMBT\Game Data\Picklists

Reade the info and see the dat files.

ONLY MBT uses external picklist so there is no \Game Data\Picklists in winSPWW2 and yes they are in that file in MBT but unless you are psychic you won't understand what you are seeing if you do open one up without the master file..... and the master files are not released because we don't want people poking around with the picklists
I do not really want to mess around with picklists. I mostly need to understand what formations in OOB are 'free game' for editing/removal and what should be kept around at any cost.
All OOB's have an ample number of free Formation slots so if you need to make personal custom ones then just add them to the end of the list
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