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Default Re: Fiery Cross Island

So, fifteen turns in, kind of sweeping the Chinese most everywhere. A few things to think about.

1. Ammo. I'm running seriously low on ammo for my Abrams tanks. Perhaps having an AAVP7 ammo carrier would help?

2. Air superiority. It is laughably easy to take out the Chinese SAM teams and establish air superiority. Perhaps add a few static SAMs? Even if they get KO'd by the SEAD they'd still pose a threat for a few turns. Maybe have them as reinforcements.

3. Why are all the ZTZ-99s KO'd from the start? I only encountered one that wasn't abandoned on the beach, and this was easily dispatched by a viper. Perhaps having three or four up and running rather than one would make the scenario more challenging.

4. Perhaps adding a few shelter bunkers and foxholes would make the landing more difficult without sinking the AAVPs before they can disgorge their infantry. Right now it feels far, far too easy to sweep the Chinese aside, and they feel rather sparse on the ground. There's no real point where I had to stop, pull back, and redress my line to launch another attack. I just keep pushing and pushing, using my venoms to draw out the enemies which I bash with either my Abrams, AAVPs, or vipers.

Overall I like the scenario so far! It's not all that difficult, but that's not exactly a bad thing. After that airport scenario of yours I'll take an easy smash over a hard, grueling series of attacks and counter-attacks any day.
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