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Default Re: Fiery Cross Island

Thanks for the input.

1. I'm sure an ammo carrier would help, pity you don't get one
2. I think it's safe to assume aircraft from carriers and the Philipines would make US air superiority a given, and eliminate any heavy (i.e. area SAM) air defenses.
3. Hard to hide a tank on a barren pile of sand, so like the heavy air defenses they're sorta toast ... guess they missed one tho.
4. The Chinese are all dug in, and most of the bunkers suffered the same fate as the air defenses and tanks. In fact there were several on the island, you may have noticed a number of piles of rubble.

As I said, balancing such a scenario is a pain. Your comments are certainly valid, but I hope you see the logic behind my responses. Between satellites and UAVs we probably know what they ate for breakfast and have certainly watched each and every bunker during it's construction. Were this someplace that didn't suffer such intense scrutiny I'm certain more of the fixed defenses would have survived.

But, I added a few more fixed fortifications and a non-radar guided SAM.

Thanks again.

Glad you enjoyed the airfield scenario.
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