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Default Re: Fortifications

Bunkers have limited vision. He rounds produce a lot of smoke and dirt when they explode. They also produce a pressure wave and loud sound. Even if the bunker is 'undamaged' defending troops within while under a bombardment would have hearing and field of vision limitations inflicted upon them.
Direct fire against a bunker only has to be directed against the firing ports unlike a trench line.

It seems to me that the situation the game designers envisioned is thus:
If a bunker has a high level of suppression it has been under a lot of fire effects (either direct or indirect) around the bunker area.
If a squad exits a bunker it is entering that area around the bunker and is now exposed to these suppression causing attacks.
Since all the actions in a turn are not phased it cannot be determined if the squad exited after all attacks had completed for the turn or during the attacks. When squads exit the bunker can be in one of two conditions, under fire or not under fire. If under fire the squad should have some penalty and the application of the bunker's suppression level seems appropriate since the levels of suppression should indicate how intensive the attacks on the bunker were.
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