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Default Re: In Contact determination

Originally Posted by RetLT View Post
I guess the next logical question is if it is better for your B0 to be a forward observer or if B0 should be a combat unit,

Does it make a difference what formation the Forward observer is attached too or is it his arty skill level that determines how quickly he can call in fire?

Also, is there any benefit to having more that one HQ type unit?

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1 HQ unit keep him out of the way at the back on rough or similar, possibly with a decent LOS. Watch a flank from a distance to protect your arty park is my ideal location.

2 Order you buy company/units makes no difference HQ is never replaced.
FOOs as second unit or last makes finding them easy.

3 If really want could avoid buying Company's with a weak second unit like a MG mortar rather than a squad. As I understand it these get promoted if company commander dies.

4 Some people seem to go in depth with this but in fact its quite simple.

To maintain good morale and rally status the order for keeping units out of trouble and unsuppressed is straightforward.
1) HQ - rally any unit
2) Company Commander - rally any unit in company.
3) Squad / section leader - rally any unit in that squad/ section.
4) Every body else just rally themselves so they are the ones that should take most of the fire as there are 3 people above them that can help rally them.
1+2 should stay out of trouble and 3 should do its best to do so.
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