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Originally Posted by Imp View Post
Okay that's wrong maybe this is why people get so involved with it lets put it another way.

1) HQ can rally any unit on the map regardless of who it is attached to.
2) Company Commander can rally anyone attached to its company.
3) Squad/Unit Commander can rally anyone in its squad/unit.
4) Every other unit (not a 0) can only rally its self.

So Your example
DO can rally anyone in D
CO can rally anyone in C
BO can rally anyone in B plus anyone in C and D as he is company commander.
AO can rally everyone.

B is the worst platoon because it has no separate company commander so he has to do double duty looking after his squad and the company. Only A0 and BO can help them where as C and D can be helped by AO, BO and there respective commander.

Simple once you get it and why you should cross attach extras like ATGM teams to get the extra rally from the company commander.

Therefore doing something dangerous like clearing mines.
Company commander should stay back in an attempt to avoid expected artillery.
4 Squad platoon I would keep that commander back to, 3 its tricky depends on circumstance.
Company and squad commander are now hopefully in good order so do not need to rally themselves which they do first so can help the grunts who as I said should take most of the heat.
Applies most cases taking a fortification for example Platoon commander could rally a squad from pinned status letting it move adjacent if its stayed out of trouble. Rally the squad then if need be draw the last fire with the Platoon leader as an example.
Please try and rally unit C0 in my saved game here and you will see that I'm right in what I have been saying, the A0 unit cannot rally EVERY unit on the map, only the ones in units DIRECTLY under it's command as listed in it's command structure in the HQ screen.
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