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Default Panzerkampfwagen 746(r) Ausführung A Available in Panzergrau, Winterweiß & Sandgelb

Hello everybody!

This is a little what-if mod for WinSPWW2 I've been working on.

We know that Kleebergs Independent Operational Group captured a tank whilst fighting against the Red Army in late September '39. It is technically possible that it was a T-28 - in this what-if, the Germans have found this T-28 abandoned, with a thrown track, on the 6th October, after the Poles surrender close to the village Serokomla, and decided to tow it back to Germany. There it was tested for a month or two, after which it was equipped with a German Kommandantenkuppel, a German radio, German MGs and a KwK 37 to make the Allies think that the Soviet Union and Germany were cooperating a lot more closely in terms of tank development (and enhancement). A more elaborate description can be found in the file, on German.

I hope that somebody will find this a nice, flavoury touch to his battles

I will add a custom German OOB for it together with a new .shp file with the icons tomorrow.
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