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Default Re: An open development call to the SE4 community

Well, I know of one brillant guy who has some artwork that is just magical, and its going to come out in a new mod for SE IV. In fact it will look much smarter.

As for throwing around ideas, I note this site hasn't had any in 2 years roughly, but they do get thrown around in still to this day.

Do we want an SE 6? Well of-course we do. Are there plenty of ideas? Yes there is. Possible problem is that SE V just wasn't that good, these things happen. However, if one took the best of both worlds, added new ideas, like oh say floating w/p that goes to one system, but next time to another, well you get the idea.

I suppose the real question is, does Aaron see it making money! Yer I know, I'm swearing again, but I certainly hope he does. Still, the next question is why hasn't he or Shrapnel started looking at this? I don't hear any sounds of it happening. Therefore it could well be up to US to get the ball rolling.

Perhaps someone should throw some really great pics at Aaron (softly) to inspire him
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