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Default Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Tikuin, USSR

Turn 20

North tanks mostly pulled back into the woods. One company stumbed across another enemy armored car trying to push around the line of obstacles. It was quickly dispatched. I'm going to move one company behind the infantry line so it can support the line with its guns if needed. The other three companies will seal the flank from their starting positions.

South group is going to swing down to the south edge and try to push into the enemy rear area. I could have done this with the north group, but the ground is too open and liable to have more infantry around.

Incoming mail still hitting the center of my infantry line. The 109 came back, hitting one of my AAMGs. At least I got to shoot at him this time.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: 1xSdKfz 221 armored car destroyed.
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