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Default Re: Dedicated Server?

I run almost 100 Dom3 games on my server ( and I only do it in text mode.
The same I believe for the other most common server (

The most basic switches you need are -S (server) and -T (text). You can also add in port number and map and era etc etc but if you dont then it will prompt you when it needs them (at least it does in Linux)

The biggest problem you will have with the scripts listed in the thread lch mentioned (good post) is that Windows has something like a 255 character limit on the command line. Some of the switches come in two flavors, --longname for linux and -X for Windows. That will help.

There is also another thread called "Changing Dom3 Defaults" which goes into switch use
its more for users than admins but it does cover windows and making shortcuts for various purposes
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