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Default Re: Furious Noobs -EA- (Newbie Game, 10/10, Running)

Originally Posted by ghoul31 View Post
"Trade agreements in this context are defined as any simple trades that are completed within a few turns"

It wasn't a trade it was a borrow, and it wasn't completed in a few turns.

So it doesn't count on either point.
I don't care about whether it was called a borrow or trade. It was an agreement that exchanged gems for gems.

But you have a valid point in that it was not clearly very simple and it was not completed in a few turns.

For example, I would still hold that an agreement to borrow X gems for 2-3 turns would be binding.

I will have to agree that you have some good points and this might be a borderline case. I will withdraw my first judgement and wait till I hear some more opinions.
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