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Default Re: Hue city 1967-68

That is easily enough to do just give me an idea what the range and HEK should be for the beehive round.

....I've got the unit and the Formations in the OOB now it's just waiting for the weapon does 22 HEK sound? That gives casualties almost every shot and a big dose of seems to do what I imagine it's supposed to.

So far I have been unable to unearth any info on what the range of the beehive should be for the 106 RR...the M1028 is 14 in game. I suspect the 106 is no better and probably shorter.

Further info---
A “beehive” round was developed for the 106mm M40 that, upon exploding, unleashed a massive whirlwind cloud of nearly 10,000 steel flechettes. Basically a giant Shotgun. No other weapon could clear 1/4 mile stretch of jungle like the Ontos.
1/4 mile is thinking a range of 8-10 is what it needs to be but I'm still digging

AH HA!.....
M581 APERS 9.89 kg flechettes 4.94 kg N/A 300 m

I also need to know when this was introduced, one source says the 105mm version was only introduced in 1966 and another says the 105mm version was only first used in combat in Nov 1966 so 1/1967 seems a safe bet for the M581 armed Ontos

Further EDIT-----
The "new" weapon is named 106mm Beehive though I could use 106mm APERS-T but one source says "The APERS-T round is available in only 105-mm caliber." I'm liking " Beehive" over APERS-T

BTW....information suggests the Ontos units were deactivated in May 1969, not June 1970.....

on Jan. 30, 1968, the NVA launched the Tet Offensive............For the Ontos, the battle was its shining moment of glory...........A year later, the Marines deactivated their Ontos units and the vehicles were handed over to the Army’s light infantry brigade. The Army used them until their parts ran out and then employed them as bunkers.
I have changed the OOB to reflect this new information
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