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Default Re: Counter battery fire question

Originally Posted by jivemi View Post
Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
Off map arty is a soft target - the C/B routine uses the shells with the highest HE kill to determine damage.
Somewhat off-topic, but are off-map arty considered dug-in for assaults/defenses? If so, then isn't it unlikely that anything smaller than 155mm will do any appreciable damage? Thanks for your kind attention.
Off map are soft. Dug in or not is ignored. Bigger shells firing are better at CB than little ones.

Counter battery is simply an abstraction - it is something dealt with by higher level commanders than you.

Leave your off map batteries idle, and higher command may use them to fire on enemy firing off-map units without bothering to ask you. Experience and range of the idle batteries is the main determinant of CB firing, and how big a bang the guns make in determining damage.

That is all you as a battalion commander need to know.
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