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That is another nice ship. The Exterminator also!

For those wondering the Andromeda class was the heaviest class of EDF space battleship with a "wide energizing beam wave motion cannon" (the Yamato was focused instead of wide). Yes, the ship was a tad more powerful than the Yamato, more firepower and one third more tonnage (dedicated to armor) but there was only one Star Force crew and it was on the Yamato!!!

The Star Blazers mod was dedicated only on the first of the three seasons (or stories) of the series. The Comet Empire was on the second season. According to the Star Blazers story the Andromeda 1 was destroyed after been commissioned for one month while in action against the "White Comet Empire".

Since you have done such a nice job I could indeed include it on one of the future mods of the Multiverse. Just send me the file and if you can also do the skin paint the better. I could call it the "EDF Space Battleship Mikewhl class Andromeda"!

By the way Star blazers is still strong in Japan
[Star_Force] Space Battleship Yamato Live Action Film Trailer‏

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