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Default Re: Background Counts

Originally Posted by Ewen O'mally View Post
That's great, all of my players are using some form of magic. A Woldurno alchemist, a Forlorn naturalist and a Hada assassin spell-sword hybrid. It became apparent that I did not know enough about magic.
For role playing, Forlorn and Hada will be comfortable in different areas of magic. Hada are Fey who have enough connection to the strands of reality that they can live outside the dells that feykind normally inhabit. Hada become uncomfortable in and around areas of very high background counts - nothing debilitating, but a role playing opportunity (it also allows them to detect powerful undead, a racial ability which will be added in a supplement.)

Forlorn, since their life force depends on a quiet background, prefer to live in regions of very high background, the opposite of Hada. The wooded grotto of a Hada is like a human living next to a garbage dump for a forlorn, it makes them vaguely uncomfortable in the same way it makes a Hada happy.

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