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Default Re: OT- Rise and Fall Demo is out!!!

Yep...I was very dissapointed with the game. The controls were blah, the interface was blah, the combat system was blah. Cross-Genre games so easily fall into the suck pool its not funny. I had high hopes for this one. Oh well.

PS. DominionsFAN, if you spend more time around PCs then you will quickly find out that what effects and works for you will mean diddly squat for the guy next door.

PDF - They didn't have a publisher in the US for SR1, but they do now. Most major retailers are stocking can get it at EBX for instance, and their online store. At the end of April you can download a Starforce free copy through a online retailer that does digital distribution. I can't think of the name atm. Go to and check the forums.
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