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Default Re: All the benefits of Windowed & Fullscreen mode combined

I've played a couple of games with this running for MBT and for anyone who prefers fullscreen mode ----just the game showing with no taskbar who has the little "stuttering " anoyances while running game fullscreen mode this gets them what they want and the game runs as if it's in windowed mode ( which it is....they just hide all the normal "Window" trappings ). The only issue and it's extreamly minor , for me on my machine..... the area on screen where the taskbar would normally be is black making the normal message area there twice as big as normal..

As well, I don't ever "Alt-Tab" out of things but this allows "Alt-Tab" to reveal the taskbar when needed with no problem at all. (which is why that space is left at the bottom of the screen ) I have found no down side to running this program with the game and I'm getting used to "Alt-Tabbing" if I need to do something else which is why I stickied this thread and copied it to both forums.


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