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Default Re: Stargate SGC Conflicts In Space Star Fury Mod is now available for download

I knew the Replicators would be hard for you to destroy. They are a harder enemy than the Besarians that you mentioned had been difficult for you. The way I defeat tham is to keep engines at 100%, while firing, dodging enemy weps and repairing. BTW you are not playing on expert level are you? I normally play on average level and can complete all the missions without cheats..and I consider myself an average to good player. (I remember playing Campeador's mods and sometimes it took me about 20 times to complete a mission correctly. It's not taken me near that many tries with my mod.) Maybe you should try easy level.

Teal'cs F-302 Fighter has the same bmp pic as the other F-302 fighters. Teal'cs Fighter component title, description are different. Also Teal'cs Fighter strength/attributes are considerably better than an average F-302 though.

I appreciate all your feedback. I hope your enjoying playing the mod.
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