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Default Re: Stargate SGC Conflicts In Space Star Fury Mod is now available for download

When I made this mod, the hardest thing to do was to make the difficulty level appropriate. I personally thought most of the misions were somewhat easy with some being more difficult. But what' easy for me may be hard for someone else and what's hard for me may be easy for another player. When I made this mod at the request of my 9 year old son, I made it to where we both would be able to play and complete the missions. My son and I had no problems with the mod. That is a good idea if you want to modify down the Replicator Ships/Components for your play and/or you can play on easy level as I mentioned before. Campeador's suggestion of using planet to planet instead of search and destroy in the job files is a great idea. I have tried it out in a couple of missions and it works really well. It seems to "increase the AI of the NPC ships" and make the mod even easier to play. I will definately include this in my version 2 release as well as some other things. As far as breaking my mod into smaller chunks, I wouldn't be interested in doing that. I mentioned before that my mod is quite possibly larger than the 3 original stock campaigns combined. You just can't finish it over one's just not possible. My suggestion is for you to spread it out and play a little bit each day or so since when it's over, it's over. I am not making anymore Stargate mods to follow this one..nor do I want to spend the time changing the missions all around. (takes massive amounts of time to make the missions text/display text and so try and enjoy what took me 1 year and 3 months to make. BTW I don't think you've mentioned one positive thing you've like about the mod.

Keep the posts coming. Thanks.
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