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Default Re: mods thought

Wish_For_Blood_Slaves said:
I think if there is any crossbreeding mod, the nation to be replaced should be abysia... after all they are the ones who already crossbreed to some extent... am I right?
Humanbreds, Demonbreds, and probably Garnet Amazons - so I'd say yes, but they had more scientific methods.

Humanbreds, and possibly a cold-immune critter with misformed wings, and another with Size 3, and few types of creatures with scales/thick skin, and rejuvenation for the dog-headed or the spider-things, and... hmm, what other non-human races are there? Replacing some of the existing critters with Jotunbreds, Seraphbreds, C'tisbreds, etc might have some interesting effects on them. R'lyeh is already in, as many units have various tentacles and/or life drain attacks.
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