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Default Re: Battle Simulator!

I need to figure out what to put on the command line to get an icon on my desktop to go into a battlesim game the fastest. Straight into a game called BattleSIm using the, no intro, no fades, no music, low graphics for fast menus? or hi graphics for slow battles? Anyone messed with this yet?

That way I can edit the .map for the troops I want to test. And go into it over and over to try different formations and script orders
This game is NOT suitable for students, interns, apprentices, or anyone else who is expected to pass tests on a regular basis. Do not think about strategies while operating heavy machinery. Before beginning this game make arrangements for someone to check on you daily. If you find that your game has continued for more than 36 hours straight then you should consult a physician immediately (Do NOT show him the game!)
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