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Default Re: AAR High Cultist & Troll King alliance

Hmmm a message has appeared that a Pyromancer has offered himself to me for recruitment. But I dont think I need a mage of that type at the moment. Maybe if I run into druids or Witches then I could use him to burn down the forests. But Ive been using my trade ability to expend gold for sacrifices. I have nothing in the coffers for this mage.

Olgothu's taking of that farm has caused nothing. I was hoping it would be taken back. I dont need a single farm that much and it would give us an idea of who flies the blue flag.

I have discovered an enemy. A single farmhouse flying the same colors (magenta) as the Demonologist that plagued my ally. I must be close to my ally. I can now attack the backside of this demoner to distract him from my ally. We can squeeze him between us. If I am careful I should be able to ocean-raid him effectively. He might not have anything that can pursue me on water.
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