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Default Re: Street Cleaning - Beirut 1958

OpArt222 ... could you turn on your "Private Messages"?

I REALLY love what you're doing with the Beruit scenarios ... but ... being the anal-retentive nit-picker that I am I'd ruin my reputation if I didn't bring a couple things up.

1) When you use the scenario editor after your changes you have to reopen the scenario with the regular editor and reset the date, it's automatically set to 1949 by the Scenario editor.

2) Way too many bazooks. You used the rifle squad with a bazooka as your standard USMC Rifle Squad, you should have used the one with rifle-grenades or a marksman rifle (I'd suggest each platoon have 1 squad with rifle-grenades and 2 with the marksman rifle). The squads with a bazooka are used for something like Iwo Jima or similar "assult on a heavily fortified position" situation.

3) Typically each LVT Bn has one platoon (3 tracks) assigned to ammo detail. So in essence each LVT Co (10 LVTs) has an 11th ammo LVT that while not actually part of the LVT Co supports it by hauling ammo. You could either make it an 11th LVT or keep them as a seperate platoon.

4) The primary security detail for US Embassys is the USMC, typically about a squad worth. But in hot/hostile areas this would be enlarged. The US Embassy in Saigon had an entire company, and something like Beruit might have a platoon. Additionally there's about a squad worth of CIA/Bodyguards/Secret Service with SMGs and pistols for VIP escort, the Marines guard the compound not the VIPs.

5) In 1958 each Infantry Bn had a "Bn Assault Section" you can find on the Infantry tab. You also missed the Bn HMG platoon (12 HMGs, typically with a jeep assigned to each). You could have some of the HMGs actually on jeeps and use them as transport for the Assault Section units as anyplace the assault section is sent probably would benefit from HMG support as well.

6) There are typically a couple unarmed utility jeeps per Rifle Company that act as ambulances/ammo haulers/messengers/etc.

I'm NOT trying to step on your toes here, but you seem to be trying for accurate unit compositions so ...
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