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Default Re: Are you tough enough to be the "King of the Hill"?

Ok, I am going ahead with this. I was considering waiting till after Ragnorok got his tournament filled up cause I don't want to conflict with that. But since he's decided not to start till after the hoilidays and because this really is a different animal anyway being an ongoing ladder/league rather than a one time tournament I am going to go ahead and get it started.

I have revised the idea a bit after talking to some people. Reduced the brackets from 8 to 4. No it only takes 4 wins in a row to make it to King of the hill. I think this will give the mound a little more turnover. I don't want the King sitting around for weeks waiting on a contender. If anyone feels liek this would be too much, keep in mind you only have to play one game at a time.

Anyway, I threw up a webpage with an idea fo the regulations. Check it out.

Feel free to make any suggestions, and shoot me an email if you want to play. You can say something here too if you want, but the official entries are by email. Be sure you give me your PBW username in the email, that is how I will list you on the website.

I will make as many or as few brackets as we have people that want to play. The winners of the first two brackets that complete will compete for the first "King of the Hill" title.

Good luck all.


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