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Default Clarity of Units Disposition


Is it possible to be implemented in the future, that when we press a certain button or interface, all our units will be clearly labelled on the map, so we know the location of each and every one of them.

At present, only the minimap can do this but the labeling is very vague, merely tiny dots that can be mistaken for terrain features, not to mention the minimap area itself is mighty small.

Even when showing unit's number (shortcut key "5"), not all units are labelled, only those within the same company we select.

I'm suggesting the same labeling feature as that shortcut key, but instead of per company, ALL units are labelled. Thus when we zoom out the main map, it will serve very well as a "minimap" on steroids, all units disposition will be clearly visible.

One good workaround I use is enabling the "ID Tags" on the "Preferences Screen", but this merely shows the flags, not the unit's name, leaving me guessing what exact units are located there.

This feature will be very handy especially in the deployment phase, or in the beginning of a scenario when we create our battleplan.
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