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Default Re: Reports of bugs or possible bugs.

Patch 1.2.0.

F7 "Installation" doesn't scroll if you have more than 16 items.

Installed over Patch 1.1 game. "Shield Reinforcements" showing two "Accretion Potentiometer" (AP) (plus two other different) components to build. Building the item shows two APs used. IIRC this was a "found" item in a cave prior to Patch 2.0. As it is not possible to put more than one of a component into the Lab test pattern, it would seem this item could not have been "discovered"?

F8 "Lab" screen. Alignment: missing leading space for "Higgs Conductor".

F8 "Lab" screen. Ran through all 25 crafting components and got 3 "green" positives, but no final result discovered. Is this a case where two of the same component are needed? If so, how to complete?

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