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Default A thought about resupply depots

Just a thought about resupply depots. Posting it here in WW2 forum but also applies to MBT.
The real world resupply elements that these units represent usually feature vehicles that support resupply requests. Battalion or Brigade HQ companies have Supply & Transport platoons that help front line units. Most units do not have to go to the resupply point,( although it happens given a dire situation) their request is brought to them. Also it has been discussed about how the AI does not utilize resupply properly.
A resupply unit currently has a range of a few hexes. Could this range be increased in the code? Example: a range of ten with the tenth hex having a 10% resupply rate of the first hex. This would both simulate the resupply unit and S&T assets that have organic vehicles and personnel to fullfill resupply. Supply canisters or vehicles that move could stay the same.
Giving a larger range could help AI units since any supply depots on the AI side would automatically reupply units near them.
Valid question or am I just dreaming?
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