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Default Re: EA TC help

If you're going base game, there's the f9/w9 bless and just going down the sacred tree followed with alteration 3 for body ethereal and then conjuration for the river/fire demons.

You can also choose to go mass scales with an imprisoned s6 oracle to be able to build ring of wizardries for your mages late game. This calls for more evocation to support your archer squads with battle magic with possibly a splash of river demons for front line infantry with your heavy indie support.

I definitely wouldn't go pretender with multiple mmagics unless it's for only the e4/n4 minor bless. To be honest, without a lot of empowering late game, you'll going to hit a barrier casting a lot of the high level stuff that specialized magic nations will be able to cast. Which is pretty annoying since all the nice spells like well of misery/gift of health/mother oak, etc are all out of your reach.
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