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Default Re: EA TC help

T'ien Ch'i is a fantastic nation. Really, really powerful mid to late game. Just avoid conflict early, get your masters of the five elements out site searching, you should end up being no.1 by a wide margin in gem income.

Aim to have your armies as follows:-

50xcomposite bows, 30xhorseman, 1xfiremaster (master of the 5 elements) for fire arrows, 1xairmaster (MOT5E) for wind guide. As many of these types of armies as you can pump out, group together when fighting bigger armies.

Also have a main army of warriors of the 5 elements (100's in it) with a airmaster with staff of storms capable of casting wraithful skys and a naturemaster casting foul vapours. The WOT5E's are 50% immune to posion/lightning and the 2 mages will of course have items making them immune to lightning/posion. Few if any armies will be able to stand upto this onslaught. A decent bless strategy on your WOT5E's makes this even nastier.

Other than that you can pretty much get every fire/air/nature/earth/water/astral magic spell going that you want if you try hard enougth. Plus you have great national spells.

The only problem I have found playing EA T'ien Ch'i is being overwhealmed by the HUGE number of options at your disposal.
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